Keep Your Home Cool and Your Family Happy With Air Conditioning Repair Ormond Beach FL

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As most people know, there are several ways to cool your home. Some of these include the simple window based or portable air conditioning units that have been around for decades. Unfortunately, these little units are noisy, inefficient and often leak moisture onto the windows or walls causing them to rot. A more recent alternative is the portable indoor A/C. These units work much like the window units, but still need access to a drain system and often must remain close to an exterior window.

A better way to cool your home or business is the central air system also known as a forced air unit or an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. Central air is a four piece system consisting of an external condenser, and in home cabinet that houses the air exchange and furnace (if applicable), the various ventilation ducts run throughout the building and a controlling thermostat. The general principle is simple. The condenser pumps a refrigerant through the air exchange to pickup any possible heat around it. As the refrigerant circulates that heat is carried outdoors and released through an external coil and the cycle continues until the thermostat registers the temperature matches the settings you have made.

With all of this mechanical motion and electrical power switching your A/C will eventually break and need Air Conditioning Repair in Ormond Beach FL. An air conditioner can break in various ways. One simple problem is the wear and tear that the thermostat takes. Another possible problem relates to the level of refrigerant in the system. If the A/C hasn’t been serviced in a while the refrigerant could be low or old and need recharged or replaced.

Larger problems requiring Air Conditioning Repair Ormond Beach FL include a worn condensing unit, but this usually only happens after years of service. In some cases the blower system can fail as well which would stop the air from flowing through the vents. Perhaps the toughest problems however are electrical issues. Both major cabinets in your HVAC system have some electrical components. When the HVAC fails it is up to contractors like Best Value A/C and Heating to diagnose the problem and suggest the correct fix.

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