Things You Ought to Know About Tree Cutting Service McLean Jobs

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Tree cutting service McLean projects are not as simple as they appear, they actually require more than meets the eye. Such projects are not only expensive, but dangerous as well and are best left to the tree care specialists at Business Name. If you decide to carry out your own tree cutting, you should take into consideration the important elements listed below.

Local Bylaws

McLean and other municipalities have bylaws that affect tree cutting, including the removal of trees from private yards. For example, the local bylaw requires that you need to acquire a permit from the local office to remove a tree that has reached certain inches in diameter. Therefore, make every effort to ensure that you comply with the local laws before you undertake cutting trees.

Hidden Hazards

Cutting trees requires the removal of the trump and even the root structure. Without the necessary information, you are likely to cause extensive damage to buried gas, sewer and cable lines. This in turn, can result to you being sued and paying hefty fines.

Closeness to Your Home

At times, trees that are too close to the home need to be cut down. However, by taking extra care to remove all overhanging branches, you can avoid inflicting serious damage to your house. Even branches that seem small usually are heavier than they really appear.

Trees Overhanging the Neighboring Property

It is usual to come across a tree trunk that overhang’s your neighbor’s property. The local by-laws can be quite helpful on what you should do in such a situation. However, it is always an excellent idea to confer with your neighbor and get their permission prior to cutting down the tree that overhangs his or her property.


When carrying out such DIY projects, it is crucial that you ensure that your insurance does cover property damage that is likely to occur. Personal injury is also likely to occur and the insurance should be able to cover not only you, but also your neighbors or strangers passing by.

Disposal of Cut Tree Waste

The amount of material generated from cutting down a single tree is astronomical. Debris, branches and wood have to be removed from the site as soon as possible.

Considering that tree cutting service McLean projects are dangerous, you should probably hire a professional firm that will take care of everything from acquiring permits to disposal of waste produced. Click here for more details.