Law Enforcement and Accessories Sold as Part of Firearm Sales in Newark, DE

Places that conduct firearms sales in Newark, DE, do not only sell guns to prospective hunters or recreational gun collectors. Two additional markets that make up a significant portion of firearms sales are law enforcement gear and firearms accessories. While not every gun shop in Newark will offer these products, the best ones definitely will.

Law Enforcement Gear

Equipment that law enforcement officers need in order to protect the public include equipment that is both lethal and non-lethal. Tactical equipment and police armor is also sold at gun shops in Newark that specialize in offering law enforcement gear. Examples of law enforcement gear that may be sold alongside firearm sales in Newark, DE, include ONYX armor, Thompson handcuffs and Thompson restraints.

Often, gun shops within Newark that sell law enforcement gear want to show their support of police officers and other law officers who keep us safe. In order to do that, most shops that sell firearms to officers will provide a law enforcement discount.

Firearms Accessories

Both law enforcement and civilian gun collectors can appreciate the types of firearms accessories typically found in a gun store.The most common types of accessories include optics and gun sights. Brands such as Aimpoint and Trijicon are known for creating scopes that make targeting far easier.

For hunters, the top choices for optics may be Steiner binoculars. These quality binoculars are also enjoyed by bird experts and military personnel.

Other common firearms accessories include gun holsters and metal detectors. Both hand-held and walk-through detectors are available in many gun shops. Firing Line Inc provides firearm sales in Newark DE, and can be contacted at

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