Private Company Transfer Agent in Salt Lake City, Utah

While you may be in need of a cap table management service provider to handle the complexities of being in the exchange, you’d want a service that’s also a private company transfer agent who keeps track of individuals and companies who own your stocks and bonds.

We at EquityTrak help you issue and cancel certificates of the changes that are happening in the trading of your stocks and bonds. This happens when you declare a stock dividend or a stock split and you’ll need to issue new shares.

We keep track of who owns your company stocks and bonds and determine how they’re held whether as certificate form, in book-entry form or by the investor’s brokerage firm identified by its street name.

We also keep track of the number of shares and bonds each investor owns.

EquityTrak acts as an intermediary for your company if you so choose as your agent to carry out the payout with interest, in cash or stock dividends or other distributions to your stock or bondholders.

We also act as your proxy agent sending out proxy materials, as your tender agent sending out tendering shares in an offer by tender and as a mailing agent sending out the mail of your company quarterly or annual on your behalf.

And when there’s a loss of certificates such as those designated as lost, destroyed or stolen, we help your shareholders and bondholders go through the process of recompense.

With our cap table management service and our service as your private company transfer agent, we’d certainly make your public offering and transaction smooth and profitable.

Give us a call at 801-355-5740 and find out how we can help you. For more information, visit at EquityTrack.