Learn About Invisalign Braces in Quebec

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When you are searching for a completely modern, affordable and virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth, orthodontics have the answer. Unlike traditional orthodontic appliances made from metal, Invisalign braces in Quebec are a unique and comfortable approach to achieving your perfect smile.

The Benefits of Being Invisible

As is well known, taking proper care of all aspects of oral hygiene is crucial for good health. While traditional metal appliances are an effective way to straighten teeth, there are some extra steps you need to take in order to maintain good oral hygiene during the process. There are also other rules to follow such as the omission of certain foods and taking adequate time to ensure brushing is thorough. When you choose Invisalign braces, your experience will be enhanced by the many freedoms they offer.

There are no food restrictions to adhere to as you will be able to remove your appliance during meals. Brushing and flossing routines do not change and you can maintain proper oral health during treatment. The comfortable plastic construction will not irritate your gum or cheek area. Many patients also enjoy the virtually invisible aspect of this type of treatment. Additionally, unlike traditional appliances that must be worn twenty-four hours a day, it’s easy to meet the recommended twenty to twenty-two-hour-time frame every day required to meet your treatment goals.

How Does the Process Work?

Determining if you are a candidate for Invisalign braces requires a complete examination. Identifying the type of occlusion you have is one way to determine if it’s right for you. If it is determine that you can begin treatment, customized removable trays will be created specifically for you. This tray will be worn for approximately two to three weeks and through a gradual process, your teeth will move into place. Except for times when you are brushing, flossing or eating, it is required that you wear the appliance the rest of the time. This will ensure the best success.

While you wear the appliance, you will return to the office to ensure your treatment is progressing. New trays will be created throughout the duration of your orthodontic plan to ensure your teeth are moving into their final position. Returning every eight to ten weeks will enable your progress to be documented and for new trays to be created. The length of time for program completion varies. Depending on the complexity of your individual case, you may require treatment anywhere from six months to three years. You will receive anticipated treatment plan times when your consultation is complete and an assessment of your situation can be created. While Invisalign braces are not appropriate for every situation, making an appointment to have a consultation is the first step in seeing what orthodontic plan is right for you.

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