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Whenever you choose to get a CD made or copied by the professionals, you are given different options for the entire process. How you would like the CD copied, what type of CD printing you would like and finally how you would like it packaged. Some people choose to have CDs packaged in a CD case and some choose to simply have them in a CD sleeve. Depending on their specific needs, each option is ideal for specific situations. CD sleeves, for example, are a more economical option for lower quantity CD orders.

CD Sleeves Provide Good Protection

Choosing to have CD sleeves for packaging can be a money and space saver if you plan to keep your CDs in storage. CD cases usually take up more room even with thinner sized cases. A sleeve can easily be placed in various places because of its soft and flexible form. It is also important to protect the CD in a sleeve to prevent them from becoming damaged. CD sleeves are a great and affordable option for promo kits or music demos. A lot of people choose to package their CDs in sleeves verses jewel cases because of how a cases can sometimes break if handled roughly. Replacing a jewel case can be more expensive than replacing a compact disc sleeve too. You can even fit a paper or cardboard insert with a design for track listings or cover in the sleeve along with the CD. This way you are not really losing the qualities jewel cases provide while still saving money and space.

Choose Packaging that Is the Best for Your Needs

When purchasing your CD packaging you have many options available that include personalization, as well. It is important to understand what your needs are and what you plan to do with the CD in order to decide what type of CD packaging is best for you. Smaller quantity orders that are great for a limited distribution benefit from using cost-effective CD sleeves as a packaging option. If you plan to sell your CD in-store and the quantity is much larger, then it is better to choose packaging that is more durable like a CD case.

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