Learn If You Can Get a Free Government Cell Phone in Kentucky

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Having enough money in your monthly budget to purchase food and housing may be challenging. If you’re in this position, buying a phone and using it may not be possible due to its expense. The federal government has recognized this problem. They are giving away a free government cell phone in Kentucky for individuals in this position. Qualifying for it requires you to meet specific requirements.

Qualifying for a Smartphone

You’ll need to meet specific eligibility requirements to receive a free government cell phone in Kentucky. If you are already receiving assistance through programs like SNAP, Medicaid or WIC, you should qualify for Lifeline service in your area. Doing so enables free talk, text any data package service through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Eligibility for Low-Income Internet Using the ACP

The FCC created the ACP to ensure individuals can afford broadband internet service. This action helps you access the internet when working on homework for school, employment or health care. When you qualify for Lifeline service, you automatically qualify for the ACP. You are also eligible for the ACP when participating in the National School Lunch Program, Food Distribution Program, School Breakfast Program or you are receiving a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year.

Combining Lifeline and ACP Services

You can receive unlimited talk, text and a data package when you combine Lifeline and the ACP service. Understanding more about this opportunity and how you can get it can be done when you visit Infiniti Mobile at https://infinitimobile.com/ today.