Why Everyone Should Learn About the South Carolina Lifeline Program

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The South Carolina Lifeline Program has a ton of benefits if you’re low-income. Since it reduces the cost of owning a cell phone, staying connected is easier. So, you won’t have to sacrifice your connections just because your checks aren’t huge.

As long as you earn less than 135% of federal poverty levels, you’ll qualify for assistance. Plus, the program covers the cost of a smartphone if you’ve never bought one yet. For many, that’s made getting online a possibility when it wasn’t before.

South Carolina Lifeline Program

When it comes to assistance, few programs offer such a great deal for applicants. First, a smartphone may be part of the deal if you’ve qualified. So, there’s no need to buy one, saving you more.

Next, you’ll have access to unlimited text and calls. That means the number of minutes you’ve spent talking doesn’t matter at all. Plus, you may continue to text without spending anything after getting off the phone.

Mobile data has become a part of the program, too. That’s even more impressive since it’s so essential today. Without a reliable data connection, many modern jobs wouldn’t be possible. As a result, using this program could open up new opportunities if you were limited by cell service.

You can also get emergency broadband if you’ve qualified for the Lifeline Program. So, your home can have high-speed internet, and another bill doesn’t come as part of the deal.

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