Local Surface Mines Do Much More Than Recycle Aluminum Cans in NJ

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Metals

You may already know that you can pick up cash when you collect soda cans, and then take them to your local recycling facility. However, these businesses, known as “surface mines”, do much more than Recycle Aluminum Cans In NJ communities. The experts at H&C Metals offer a range of services that include:

  • METALS COLLECTION: A recycling facility accepts ferrous metals, which are magnetic. These include sheet metal, metal studs, roof decking, and drums. When plants Recycle Aluminum Cans In NJ, these also fall under the ferrous metal category. This metals group also includes refrigerators, washers, stoves, and even air conditioners. Professionals are even able to reclaim air conditioners’ Freon, for reuse. They can recycle non-ferrous metals, which are non-iron based, and include aluminum siding, cast aluminum, brass, copper, lead, alternators, electric motors, and many auto parts.
  • ELECTRONIC RECYCLING: E-waste, or electronic debris, consists of outdated or unusable mobile and electronic items. Recycling plants accept and process a wide variety of these items, which include CPU towers and servers, cell phones, laptops, computer wire, hard drives, telecom equipment, routers, and testing equipment.
  • CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS COLLECTION: The experts at H & C Metals coordinate with general contractors and other building professionals, and create an efficient system to collect construction and demolition debris. The recycling plant provides scheduling information on their website, at , where clients can order containers. Recycling experts can provide a range of receptacles, which include roll-off containers. These collect debris, are emptied at the recycling plant when necessary, and then returned to the customer sites.
  • COMMERCIAL RECYCLING: Recycling experts will travel to office sites, homes, and municipal buildings, among other areas, and collect a wide range of materials. These include office furniture, lab equipment, inoperable machinery, duct work, and plumbing. They also accept auto batteries, cast iron, pots and pans, and insulated wire. They can recycle restaurant equipment, auto and truck bodies, transmissions, wheels, and more.




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