Making the Decision to Use 40G QSFP for Your Business

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Business

As technology improves, people and businesses realize that faster truly is better. As soon as you get used to the current speed of technology, new speeds are introduced, allowing you to complete your job even faster. When you take advantage of the 40G QSFP products that are available, you will be able to increase your current speed so you can move your business forward faster than you were ever able to before.

Installing the Device

When you make the choice to move forward with a faster data connection, you need to purchase the right materials for the job. First and foremost, you need a high-quality QSFP plug-in that will provide your computer with the fast access it needs to your data network, whether it attaches to the Internet or your internal network. This device plugs directly into your computer and connects your computer to a high-speed fiber optic cable for the fastest speeds possible.

onnect All Your Computers

The larger your business is, the faster you need your data connections to be. This is because larger networks create a greater drain on your overall data speed. It also means you need to increase the overall speed of your system so the drain doesn’t have a negative impact on any of your employees. When you choose a 40G QSFP transceiver, you are increasing your overall speed so no one has to experience drag and a slow connection, impeding their ability to work efficiently.

Cable or Transceiver

If you have thought about making use of QSFP technology, you have noticed there are two options when it comes to this technology. The transceiver plugs directly into your computers and links computers to the network through wires. The cable also plugs in directly, but in a different manner. However, each one has its own particular uses. For instance, the transceiver is best for rack to rack, data centers and metro networks, while the cable works best for computer clusters, switches and routers and enterprise data centers.

Making the choice to take advantage of the latest technology with the use of 40G QSFP transceivers or cables will allow your business to increase its speed and efficiency. When you plug in the device, you will be able to connect all your computers to a high-speed connection that will allow all your employees to work efficiently without lag that can slow down productivity. Whether you choose to go with a transceiver or a cable, you will enjoy all the benefits a fast connection can offer your business.

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