Making Use of a Millwright in San Antonio

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Any time you purchase new equipment for use in a commercial endeavor, such as a print shop or an oil refinery, you’ll want to retain the services of a Millwright in San Antonio. The Millwright in San Antonio, often referred to as an industrial mechanic, helps to erect the machine, working to align and install it on a base plate or foundation before leveling it. He or she may also help to align and level various components, such as the power source.

Originally tasked with building windmills and watermills, millwrights now do a great deal more and may be of help to you. In addition to erecting industrial machinery, a millwright may be tasked with repairing or maintaining various types of equipment for assembly plants, saw or pulp mills, power stations, pumping stations, and more. In fact, many of the first civil engineers started in this field.

When unassembled equipment arrives at a job site, the millwright comes in, hoists and moves the equipment, and then best determines how to handle the assembly process and place the machinery. This requires knowledge of many things, including the equipment’s load bearing capacity, technical instructions, and blueprints. This knowledge is also helpful when they are constructing foundations, determining work procedures, and more.

Any time equipment malfunctions, a millwright may be called in. He or she often uses milling machines, grinders and other tools to make custom parts or in the course of repairs. In addition, the millwright may be in charge of handling maintenance for this type of equipment, lubricating the machines, cleaning the parts, and completing preventative maintenance tasks.

When choosing a millwright for the repair of a press or a complete rebuild, one must look for a company that can make the old press work as if it were new again. This process must take very little time as a malfunctioning machine reduces the profits of the press owner, and he or she needs it in working order in the shortest time possible. In the event a rebuild is needed, all major components tolerances must be returned to acceptable limits and when a press needs remanufacturing, the components must be machined to true up, gearing must be reworked, and bushings, bearings, and seals must be replaced. For this reason, it’s best to turn to a specialist in the form of a millwright to ensure the work is done correctly.