Never Overlook The San Francisco Bay Area

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If you are keenly looking at apartments for sale in the San Francisco Bay area, consider the opportunities living there can afford you. From well-known spaces to famous faces, San Francisco has it all. Yet, beneath the glitz and flash, San Francisco is also a city where history lives. Although not as old as some Eastern cities, it does have a worthy past to explore.

Union Square

If any place has a violent past in the history of the San Francisco Bay area it is Union Square. Its name is derived from pro-Union demonstrations that took place here during the eve of the American Civil War. This name held, even though the only violence that took place there later, was the result of one too many drinks followed by celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Square. It did remain a place to set up memorials to wars, however. The best known one, still standing today, is the so-called Victory Tower (1903). It stands as a monument to the victory of Admiral George Dewy during the Spanish American War. The Statue of a female Victory stands at the top. The model was an actual citizen of San Francisco – Alma de Brettville. She later married a wealthy San Franciscan.

Today, this is the oldest remaining aspect of the Square. Much of it was changed over the years. The last major renovation in 2002 reduced the park characteristics and turned it into a large plaza with spaces for exhibitions, promenading and shopping at high end retail stores such as tiffany’s and Luis Vuitton.

Fisherman’s Warf and Ferry Plaza

When it comes to the San Francisco Bay Area, Fisherman’s Wharf, remains one of the most popular destination. It still has vestiges of its original purpose. Yet, like so much else in San Francisco, many people come here to visit the shops and stands. Ghirardelli Square was built in 1893 by Domingo Ghirardelli to house his chocolate shop. After the factory removed elsewhere, it became home to a mall. The nearby Maritime Museum resides in an Art Deco structure.

The old Ferry Building has since become a marketplace. The structure stands, but the focus has changed. Be sure, to sample some crepes from the San Francisco Crepe Cart or walk further down to try the rich chocolate treats available on Columbus Avenue.

Colt Tower on Telegraph Hill

Erected by Lillie Hitchcock Colt, this is one pale from which you can see for miles. Yet, it is also home to a colorful array of murals executed by talented artists, many of whom studied under Diego Riverez. They all feature a pro-worker motif. The tower was erected in 1933.

There are many other historic sites in the city. You can visit them all if you live here. By considering the ads for apartments for sale in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can find yourself in the center and, therefore, become absorbed by the city’s past while enjoying its present.