Space- The Difference Between a Good and Bad Gym

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Lots of people have their own methods of training or their own special techniques when it comes to getting the most out of their time at the gym. One sad fact about using the gym however, is that all the equipment is in a different place, and after a massive workout on one piece of equipment, you have to interrupt your flow, make your way past all the maze of machines, and find the one you need (and hope someone’s not using it). All this to simply move on to the next exercise. To train the right way you simply need to have everything for your workout in one place, easily accessible and simple to find. That answer is in wall mounted gym equipment.

A Good Rig

Now some gyms will not have an entire rig, but rather a few pull up bars mixed with some resistance training equipment. But the good gyms will have an entire set wall mounted, all in one covenant rig. The set would normally include a bench press and the ability to turn that bench press into a free lift or dead lift. Pull up bars & resistance training plus any extras the gym owner puts on are also good. This will greatly impact your workout session and you’ll have all you need within feet of you. This makes your equipment changes quick and smooth.

Don’t Rush

Take care choosing the right gym for you as memberships can be expensive and non-refundable. Ask for a tour of the gym before you sign up, see if their main space has all the equipment it needs and look at how it is organized. This issue of organization is something a lot of gyms suffer from. It is usually simply due to the owners not realizing how important it is to have everything in the right place. Ask about wall mounted gym equipment, too. If they have a good rig you can guarantee this gym knows their stuff. If not, ask why, or simply look at what they do have and question if someone has really taken the time to think about the equipment. A good gym will want to maximize use of floor space while not cluttering it, and have relating equipment all in the same place. If your gym isn’t like this, suggest an equipment reshuffle to the management of the gym or find a new gym.