Options for Decorative Concrete Livonia MI

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Concrete has been used as a standard for sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches and just about everything else people walk on while outdoors. This is the case for many reasons. Concrete is made from renewable resources and can be made from recycled or waste materials. It can be recycled and lasts for decades. This material will last 2 or 3 times longer than asphalt and is low maintenance. Keep in mind that concrete must be sealed the same day it is poured to get the long lasting, sturdy benefits. It will crumble and crack very easily if not installed and sealed properly.

The gray and black finish of concrete that everyone thinks of first, is not the only option in color anymore. Concrete Livonia MI, as with concrete anywhere, has been updated to include colors, textures and designs that can make your driveway or porch or walkway unique. Property value and curb appeal rise a bit higher than usual with a personal touch or an eye-catching pattern. There are a few specialty techniques to choose from. Stamped concrete overlays a design or “stamp” on the wet concrete that dries into it to form a pattern or picture or original design. Each company that does stamping has some examples for you to look at and decide if it is for you.

Exposed aggregate concrete reveals the beauty of the stone underneath. The layers can be seen and the concrete resembles the look of granite or polished marble. This look is achieved at much less cost to you. Commercial and residential properties alike look amazing and impressive when this method is used. Olson Cement Work & Construction Livonia MI can explain the process in more detail and give some examples of the finished product.

Colors can be added to concrete to show some personality and better match the exterior of your home or business. You do not have to settle for gray if you want something more exciting. Technology and new methods of pouring concrete have increased your options a great deal. Concrete Livonia MI has contractors and companies that can do traditional concrete work and specialize in the latest techniques as well. Find one you feel comfortable with and have fun designing your next driveway, walkway or patio. Visit for more information.