Protect Your Home From Serious Damage With Termite Control in Boynton Beach

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Determining which pests pose the biggest threat to your home can often depend on the type of creatures in your area. For example, most people who live in the urban jungle are probably more concerned with the common cockroach than just about any other invasive pest problem. Unfortunately, people tend to overlook the more serious problem of termites. This insect is a voracious forager whose primary food source is dead wood fibers and leaf matter. In the wild the termite is one of nature’s tools for eliminating dead and decaying plants. However, they don’t distinguish between dead trees and the building materials that humans use for their homes, garages or other buildings.

Termites are an interesting family of insects. They live in a colony that is organized with various castes much like the ants they resemble, but they aren’t actually ants. In fact, science has recently reclassified the termite as a member of the cockroach family. This simple change has added at least twenty eight hundred new species to this order of insects and scientists believe there may be more waiting to be discovered. Of course, most of these termites aren’t a problem because they haven’t migrated from their native lands.

Unfortunately, there are a few species that have managed to become real nuisances. One of these termite menaces is the Formosan subterranean termite. This particular species has some of the largest known colonies, many are estimated in the millions. Large colonies like this can spread out around your property making them very difficult to eliminate.

Other problem termites include various subterranean species and drywood termites. Eliminating your termite problem may require a variety of approaches. For instance, if the pest control expert has determined that the termite infestation is small or that these insects have not invaded your home yet then it may be best to try a bait control method or a little intrusion prevention. However, if the termite colony has grown very large then the only real choice for Termite Control in Boynton Beach is fumigation. Fumigating the house is usually done after family and pets have been removed. It typically requires a tent be placed over the home to contain the pesticide although smaller infestations may be dealt with using a “tentless” fumigation method. Browse Bates Exterminating, Inc for details.

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