Practices to Look for When Choosing a Company for Crate Shipping in Salt Lake City

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Crate Shipping services are tightly regulated by the Federal Government. To survive and thrive in this industry, companies that offer crate shipping in Salt Lake City area, like Box Pac, have adopted customer-friendly practices that are meant to safeguard your goods and meet these regulations. Before your goods are shipped, make sure these practices are followed.

Take Photographs

Before shipping, the workers of the company have to take photographs of all contents of the crates. Such pictures are critical in determining the amount of compensation an insurance company will pay to the client if something happens to the contents while in transit. Clients usually receive compensation when their contents are destroyed or arrive in poor condition.

Correctly Label Each crate

All crates should be labeled appropriately before being shipped. Most of the companies in the shipping and transportation industry have adopted these practices to make sure that the handling of crates with dangerous contents is done with utmost care. The level of danger the contents pose determines the type of their crate label.

Record all Pertinent Information

All information related to the contents of the crates should be recorded and kept in a place that is both secure and easily accessible. Such information should include the type and quantity of the contents of each crate, their destination, owner, and payment documents along with any other relevant details.

Double Check Regulations Governing Transport of Dangerous Contents

Hazardous materials need extra care when being transported because of the danger they pose. It is for this reason that the workers have to follow all the regulations that relate to packing and transportation of the crates. Any small mistake during these processes can have severe consequences. After the first packing, the crate should be checked again to confirm that everything conforms to the established regulations.

Observe all Weather Conditions

The weather should be carefully taken into account before shipping. Some materials are sensitive to temperature changes. In addition, conditions like hurricanes can have a devastating impact on the shipment. If the weather conditions are found to have a negative effect on the contents of the crates, the workers should take extra precautions to make sure that the materials arrive safely and in good condition.