Options For Folding Stairs On Gantries

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Providing easy and safe access to the correct height and location on any type of tanker or top loading container is a must. Having the right equipment and folding stairs on the gantry eliminates accessibility issues as well as provides the safety and protection that you want to provide for your employees.

Self-Levelling Folding Stairs For Multiple Positions

One of the unique features of self-levelling folding stairs is that the individual steps are always maintained in the same horizontal position in relationship to the unit itself. The step position, combined with slip free grating design, means that a level surface is always available for safety, even if the unit is positioned lower or higher than the attachment to the gantry. Self-levelling folding steps should be easy to position for a single user, allowing
simple change in position for access to a variety of different heights. Some models will automatically adjust, making this even easier. Extended or longer end steps closest to the tanker make stepping on and off the stair platform both safe as well as comfortable. Safety rails, knee guards and non-slip surfaces are additional safety features that are designed to add that extra security.

Sliding Stairs

For ease of positioning along a tanker or container folding stairs that slide along a track are the perfect option. This provides virtually unlimited positioning of the stairs along the track. All safety features come as standard including a safety cage and non-slip footing on all surfaces. However, these stairs also provide a braking system that prevents the unit from moving along the track when the brake is engaged and the stairs are in the lowered position.

Wider Folding Stair Designs

For a larger range of access than a standard stair, wide folding stairs make a good match.These wide options allow a much larger range of access from the stairs to the container or tanker, plus they also provide safe and spacious options when more than one individual needs to work on the same tanker.