Ways to Increase the Life of Toner in Manhattan, NY

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Business

Most regular toner cartridges can print up to 2,500 pages. You might think this a lot of pages, but if you follow the following tips, you can increase the life of your toner in Manhattan, NY and print more; thus, get a better deal for your money.

Print in Black

One of the major ways you can increase the life of your toner cartridge is to always print in black. Color printing is more costly, and the toner is more expensive because you have to get at least six different colors. Make the choice to print in black if the end results will not be affected by it.

Print Out Small

Another way to increase the life of your toner cartridge is to print out documents in smaller but readable fonts. Printing in large fonts will not only take up more space, but it will also consume a lot of ink. If you are printing documents from the web, take time to review, edit and remove any images and unwanted texts. In addition, make sure you use small fonts and try to use gray to save the toner. This will help to reduce any toner wasting activity.

Draft Mode versus High Quality Printing

The original set up for most printers is to do the printing in the highest quality standards. Although the results are optimal, they will also increase the use of toner. Use draft mode printing when the quality of the document to print is not an issue. You can have your printer set up twice in your computer or laptop, one for draft mode and the other for high quality documents.

Print what is Important Only

One of the major factors that reduces the life of most toner cartridges is printing documents that are not really important. This typically goes for emails or articles that have no need to be printed in the first place. It is essential to review and revise documents before printing them, as this will not only save your toner cartridge, but it will also allow you to print without mistakes.

If you follow the above tips properly, you will definitely increase the life of your Toner in Manhattan, NY. For more information about toner cartridges, Contact City Supply. This is a company that supplies quality toner cartridges at affordable prices.

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