Transmissions in St. Louis Depend on Clean Transmission Fluid

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Automotive

One of the most important factors of good running cars are the transmissions in St. Louis. It is common to overlook the importance of caring for the transmission of your car, but if the transmission gets damaged as a result of poor maintenance, it can result in a number of other problems, including the inability to drive the car. The transmission is the power source for your vehicle, so it is important to take the appropriate steps to help it last as long as possible.There are a number of benefits that come with routinely checking and changing the transmission fluid. automatic transmission in St. Louis depend on the transmission fluid to keep it operating correctly.


The transmission fluid provides the essential lubrication the transmission needs to keep it cool. If the transmission fluid is dirty and old, it can cause problems such as slipping gears, acceleration problems and failure to operate. If the transmission gets to hot, the gears will lock up and cause it to completely shut down.Another benefit of routinely changing the transmission fluid, is it will save you money. It is much less expensive and time consuming to have the fluid changed than it is to have a new transmission installed in your car. When the transmission fluid begins to turn black, it is important to change it. You should not flush the transmission, because it can cause more damage. If you suspect the transmission needs to be flushed, the car should be taken to an experienced mechanic to prevent bleeding the transmission completely dry, which can blow the transmission.Other than extending the life of the transmission, the next most important thing about changing the transmission fluid, is getting better fuel economy. When the transmission fluid is clean, it prevents the transmission from overheating and wearing it out. When the transmission begins to wear down, it can create the need for more fuel use, because it the transmission is working harder. It is important to take the car to an experienced mechanic to insure that the correct fluid is used and that the correct amount is used. By getting the transmission routinely inspected and the fluid changed as often as recommended by the manufacturer, your car will run longer, cleaner and better.

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