Parking Lot Light Poles Can Make All The Difference

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One of the quickest ways to change the atmosphere of a room or location is to change the lighting. This is especially true of parking lots. No one wants to shop at or go into a building that has a dim, unsafe looking parking lot. Similarly, employees will feel unsafe walking to their car after work if there is not ample light. In order to make your clientele and your employees feel safer, consider upgrading your parking lot light poles. There are more differences than you might think when choosing the correct ones, so consult with a trusted business in your area to make sure you are getting the correct set up.

Make sure that the company helps you choose the right style of lamp for your area. Usually, the light itself comes either attached directly to the pole, which is ideal for most parking lots, or attached by a longer arm that has more flexibility and can be adjusted to vary the height and angle the light faces. These are called shoe-box lights and flood lights respectively.

In addition to the type of lamp, the parking lot light poles themselves can vary greatly based upon need. There are varying heights and thicknesses of the poles, and a reputable company will be able to help you choose the correct combination of the two that is the safest for you. The country is broken up into wind regions that have varying degrees of intensity and frequency of wind, and getting an incorrect pole could be disastrous. A pole that is too rigid or too flimsy in a wind region with frequent high velocity winds, for example, could result in the wind pulling the pole out of the ground, or worse, knocking it over onto a car or person.

As you can see, there are several issues that need to be addressed when choosing a light source for the outside of your business. Not only do you want your customers and employees to feel safe, you need them to be safe, so please work with a commercial lighting company in your area to ensure that both requirements are met. Contact LED Lighting Shop LLC for more information.