Pavement Maintenance in Providence, RI

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Pavement maintenance is essential in areas where the winter weather can damage pavement by widening cracks and causing other problems that need maintenance. The most important task is crack sealing. Crack sealing asphalt pavement will help keep water from getting into the asphalt pavement sub-base which is a cause of pavement failure. Pavement Maintenance in Providence, RI uses the latest high-tech equipment to install hot joint sealants which conform to the standards for sealing these cracks shut If these cracks are not repaired, they will begin to spread and cause further deterioration in the pavement. There is always a chance these cracks will increase your liability risks.

Part of our pavement maintenance procedure requires patching sunken catch basins, dangerous potholes, broken or heaved areas including alligatored areas. These repairs are important to the maintenance of pavement. The cause of the problem area and the use it gets will determine the type of patching required. Our conventional patching is a long term solution and it uses the best materials available to do a lasting job. A temporary patch solution is to overlay the problem area with bituminous concrete and seal the joints. The polypatch and mastics patch is very good for patching large cracks.

Pavement Maintenance in Providence, RI performs infrared patching which is an innovative method of blending new and existing asphalt, and this patch process is joint free. Many customers use this method to correct low areas in the pavement which can collect water and form ice sheets which are dangerous for the customers to walk on.

Pavement Maintenance in Providence, RI uses reinforcing fabrics to increase the life of asphalt overlays. This product is placed between layers of asphalt and it becomes a blended part of the pavement. It forms a barrier against water penetration and it absorbs stress to reduce cracking of a large new asphalt surface.

Pavement that is beginning to separate requires any number of the above solutions, but clearly if this condition is not corrected then the pavement will separate and the sub-base can also begin to loosen to the point of having to be replaced. Otherwise, the sub-base may just need to be compacted.

Sealcoating can protect the pavement from sun, water, oxidation, oil and jet fuel and gasoline. Pavement Maintenance in Providence, RI applies sealcoating products that are formulated for each particular situation to form a tough coating over your parking lot to protect it.