Nose Doctor in Naples, FL Offers Some Tips About Your Nose

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Are you experiencing problems with your nasal system, sinus issues, allergies, nosebleeds or other issues? The office of Mark Montgomery, MD treats conditions of the ears, throat and related head and neck problems, as well as issues with the nose. Practicing as a Nose doctor in Naples, Florida and Fort Myers, Florida, the office offers some tips that concerns nasal issues you may be experiencing.

Your nose performs the very necessary task of filtering the air that you breath, keeping out dust particles, harmful germs and other things that may irritate your body. Your nose warms and makes moist the air that you breathe into your lungs to keep them from drying out. As such, it is very important to pay attention when things begin to go wrong with your nose. One of the more common problems you experience with your nose is stuffiness, such as from a cold or allergies. The stuffy nose can make breathing difficult and resting almost impossible. There are other issues you may experience, however.

  • Some people have nostrils that drip continually. They think they can alleviate this problem by stuffing various tissues or other paper wipes in their nostrils. Actually, this causes very serious issues to the lining of the nose. This particular symptom is descriptive of vasomotor rhinitis. Only a nose doctor can verify for sure. In the meantime, a couple of spray puffs of ipatropium every six hours will bring temporary relief for about six months.
  • Of course, nosebleeds are always a nightmare when they occur suddenly, without explanation. The usual cause of a simple nosebleed is a little vein in the nose that has been damaged, but other things such as infections, polyps and hard blowing of the nose can cause nosebleeds also. In rare cases, it could be something serious like leukemia or a liver disease. Your doctor can tell you for sure.


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