AC Repair in Fort Myers: Three Characteristics of a Good Contractor

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A broken or inefficient AC system not only makes your home uncomfortable, but it also raises your energy bills. If you’re in need of AC Repair in Fort Myers, here’s three traits that the repair contractor you work with should have:

They Care About Your Money

Finding an AC repair contractor that cares about your money is about much more than having the lowest price. A trustworthy contractor will be able to educate you about how the system repairs or replacement that they recommend will be able to save you money in the long run. Old and inefficient systems often result in higher energy bills. The AC repair contractor that you choose should be able to help you combat this problem, as well as inform you about any tax incentives you could be eligible for as a result of your energy efficient AC system.

They’re Concerned about the Environment

The AC repair contractor you choose should not be focused only on making a profit. Instead, go with a company that wants to make a positive impact on the environment as well. Leaky ducts, systems that are too small for the home, or old systems that don’t run properly can all contribute to energy inefficiency, requiring more fossil fuels to keep them running at the same capacity. Newer and more energy-efficient systems can help you reduce your carbon footprint as they provide the same amount of comfort while using less energy, and a good AC repair company will perform the repairs or recommend the replacements necessary to help you do this.

They Want Your Family to Be Healthy

If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money with an AC repair contractor, you deserve to have one who truly cares about your family’s health. Even with the most energy-efficient AC system, the air ducts in your home may still harbor mold, dust, or other allergens, and these can be spread throughout the home each time you turn on your system. Once the repairs are done and your system is running more efficiently, your contractor should check your air ducts for mold or debris and offer cleaning services if necessary.

Don’t allow just any AC repair contractor to work on your system. Instead, call Eco Air Conditioning to speak with a qualified technician about how you can improve the air quality and energy-efficiency of your home with a new or improved AC system.