Pet Grooming Services in Queens, NY Your Dog Will Love

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Pet grooming is often difficult or impractical to properly take care of at home, but pets look better and are healthier when properly taken care of. Pampering a cherished pet is a good way to reduce pet hair and dander in the home, and bringing a pet in for grooming services also gives pet care professionals an opportunity to evaluate an animal’s over-all health. That is especially true if the grooming professional is associated with an animal clinic..


Pet Grooming Services in Queens, NY are plentiful, but using a pet health clinic like Howard Beach Animal Clinic (, which provides a wide variety of pet friendly services in addition to grooming, helps to build a solid relationship between pets and the variety of professionals at the clinic. Any changes in a pet’s condition that merit further evaluation are much more likely to be noted at a clinic where the pets are seen on a regular basis.

If a pet needs health care services, this type of full-service clinic is better equipped to deal with the situation quickly, which can often mean the difference between a good and a bad outcome. Pet grooming should, in fact, be looked at as pet health care that benefits both the pet and the pet’s caretakers. Proper grooming essentially eliminates pests like fleas and ticks that torment pets and the pets’ owners in addition to making the pet more comfortable.

When a pet’s family must travel, a full service clinic also provides boarding services designed to help any pet cope with the separation from its family. Proper care and nutrition ensures the pet will be healthy when the owners return and are reunited with their dog or cat. Many boarding facilities provide a cage and food, but not love. Top providers employ people who truly love animals and work to make a pet’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Working with the best Pet Grooming Services in Queens, NY goes far beyond a simple grooming. It allows both the pet and the owner to become familiar with a facility that can care for all aspects of a pet’s health needs. When pets are familiar with a specific facility, their anxiety can be reduced, resulting not only in a happier pet, but also a happier pet owner.