Foundation Contractors in Oklahoma City – Warning Signs and Causes of Foundation Failure

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The foundation of your Oklahoma City, Oklahoma home needs to be sound, solid and able to support the building that is built on it. Your foundation is what supports the whole structure and the contents and people inside. If a foundation is compromised it may result in foundation failure. Foundation failure means the entire structure of your house is compromised and could become unsafe for use. The experts who handle foundation repairs and services are foundation contractors in Oklahoma City. It is important for homeowners to know the causes and warning signs of possible foundation failure before the problem becomes unsafe for your family.

Foundation Failure Causes

* Drainage issues are a common cause for foundation compromise and failure. The excessive moisture causes erosion which causes the soil to become unstable and it starts to settle resulting in making the foundation vulnerable.

* Evaporation due to extreme hot weather and dry, hot winds cause the soil under your foundation to shrink. This shrinkage leads to cracks in the foundation which causes its failure.

* Plumbing leaks create conditions where water leaks under your house which like drainage issues causing soil erosion and the compromise of your foundation.
Poor soil that expands and contracts puts more stress on your home’s foundation which leads to failure.

* Inferior construction or poorly prepared ground under the foundation are two more common issues that cause the foundation to be less supportive than it is supposed to be.

* Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

* If your interior walls, floorboards, or tiles in any room of your home are cracked you may have a foundation problem. You should also be aware that door and window function problems may be a sign of foundation compromise.

* Gaps around the outside of your windows and doors of your home exterior and cracks in your bricks are signs that your foundation needs to be inspected.
If you have a basement look for leaning walls, flooding, and cracks in the walls.

These are the things every homeowner should know about the care and maintenance of their foundation. If you experience any of these warning signs or suspect your foundation has been compromised, look for foundation contractors in Oklahoma City to inspect, diagnose, and recommend solutions for resolving your problems. The American Leveling Company is a third generation foundation repair contractor. This company was started in 1936 and has been providing quality services to the area since that time.