The Role of a DDS dentist in Laurel, MS

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A DDS dentist in Laurel, MS is a specialist in the health of the teeth and oral cavity. Its role is to prevent, but also cure the problems of the teeth and gums. These issues range from gingivitis to cavities, which happen to be two of the most common diseases. To detect any abnormality, the dentist will do an intensive oral review, providing personalized advice to each patient.

The dentist may perform various interventions to help you maintain healthy teeth, as well. They may find it necessary to:

* Repair decay or replace a bridge;

* Correct tooth loss; and/or

* Install a dental prosthesis after extraction.

* The dental examination

Regular dental exams are crucial if you want your teeth to stay in good shape. A body must have a proper diet taking into account the importance of mastication. That is why we must teach children early to visit a dentist at least two times a year, and once for an adult. These periodic, but regular checks, are meant to prevent gingival lesions or cavities.

Dental care prescribed by a dentist

A dentist will prescribe the treatment meant to adapt to whatever oral problem is present. They may possibly prescribe oculomotor osteopathy sessions to correct issues. Behavior therapy, physiotherapy, and chiropractic treatments are all measures that dentists may take in order to treat a patient. A dentist can write a prescription for painkillers, as well. In case of gingivitis or treatable infections, they can also prescribe the appropriate antibiotic.

The opinion of the dentist on the health of the mouth and teeth

A healthy lifestyle is the first thing recommended by any doctor. dentist will recommend that patients pay more attention to their dental health by limiting or taking on some new hygiene habits. The dentist may advocate for the patient to review various factors responsible for the development of these disorders. The reasons for poor health consist of:

* Neglecting hygiene (brushing three times a day);

* Poor diet;

* Use of cigarettes and alcohol;

* Age or genetic predisposition;

* Some medication alter the teeth;

* Fungal and viral infections can cause caries;

* Pregnancy can also affect the strength of the teeth.

To learn more about your local DDS dentist in Laurel, MS, schedule a consult with your local dentist today.