Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Are Different – Here’s What You Didn’t Know

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Most people are familiar with common elective medical procedures that people get done to improve their appearances such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty. These three medical procedures all fall under the umbrella of plastic surgery, which is different from cosmetic surgery. It’s time for you to learn the difference between these two similar yet distinct fields.

What Do These Surgeons Try to Achieve?

Cosmetic surgeons only deal with procedures that are carried out exclusively to improve or otherwise modify the appearance of patients. Their plastic surgeon counterparts perform all the procedures that cosmetic surgeons do, though they are primarily concerned with rebuilding the human body after injuries, birth-given disorders, disease, and other causes have permanently changed it. In other words, plastic surgeons try to make all non-functional or dysfunctional parts of the body work and look how they’re supposed to. Therefore you should consider Botox in Mt. Prospect.

Do the Two Fields Share Similarities?

Plastic surgeons are active in six broad areas of surgery. These areas are the reconstruction of the body due to health disorders, hand surgery, reconstruction, trauma surgery, congenital defect repair, and cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons perform just one of these areas of surgery: cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgeons Usually Perform Lesser Procedures More Often

One of the most common cosmetic treatments is Botox in Mt. Prospect, which tightens up wrinkles by deadening facial muscles. Botox injections require minimal exploration into the body. Plastic surgeons’ typical procedures are often traditional surgeries with blood, fat, muscle, and tools flying in every direction.

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