Possible Defenses Your Criminal Attorney in Saint Paul MN May Employ To Win Your Case

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When a person is charged with a criminal offense in Minnesota, the state must prove they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to impose punishment for the crime. If you have been accused of a criminal act, visit http://brandtdefense.com/, our Criminal Attorney in Saint Paul MN may use one of a number of possible defenses to show that you should not be held accountable for the offense. It is important to be honest with your lawyer so they can choose the most appropriate defense for your case.

If you did not commit the crime, your lawyer may use the presumption of innocence defense. Because the burden of proof rests with the state, your lawyer may choose to discredit all of the state’s evidence against you while presenting little evidence of your own. When the state is unable to convince a judge or jury that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, you are likely to be acquitted. Some people who use this defense are able to provide an alibi. If you have a witness or other evidence that proves you couldn’t have committed the crime, your lawyer may present that evidence in court. Defendants do not often testify in their own defense when a presumption of innocence defense is used at their trial.

In some cases, the defendant did what they are accused of but they had a reason for doing it. One of the most common strategies in these cases is self-defense. If you had reason to believe that another person was going to harm you and you took appropriate measures to defend yourself, you may be able to justify your actions. Your Criminal Attorney in Saint Paul MN may present evidence to show that any reasonable person in your position would have believed they were in danger of being attacked. However, the law limits the amount of force you can use to defend yourself and a defendant who uses more force than is necessary in self-defense may be guilty of a lesser crime.

When you face criminal charges, it is important to choose a lawyer with a proven track record in court. Brandt Criminal Defense has experience defending clients against a multitude of charges and has vast experience in both negotiated plea agreements and litigating criminal cases.