Prepare For Your Bathroom Remodeling

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There is no doubt about remodeling your bathroom is at once a time consuming and demanding as well as a most exciting and rewarding task. Whether you are from New City, NY or the suburbs of Edinburgh in Scotland, you really will want to get this project right the very first time. In addition it cannot be understated that at some stage (unless you are considering the most minor remodeling), you are going to have to get professional electricians, plumbers and other trades people in to do the more complex tasks required by your project.

Preparation is the key

If you have organized anything you will know that making the phone calls and booking the venue are all part of the process of making sure everyone has a good time. Your bathroom remodeling project clearly should be more important and as such requires even more preparation. It all depends on what you are doing; a full renovation which means the removal and replacement of fixtures and fittings is a different beast to a repaint. The bathroom will build up grime and made out of a lovely healthy matrix of body fat, soaps and creams, as well as good old fashioned dirt.

Preparation means washing and soaping all the walls and ceilings, including all the corners which tend to be overlooked. Intertwined with this task is the sanding, if you want your wall surface nice and smooth and /or tiled then it needs to be sanded down, a dusty and sweaty job if there ever was one. For particularly stubborn mold or mildew growths you may need to apply a specialist cleaning product. Most of these are available in a bleach free and biodegradable form.

Painting surfaces:

Before you have even measured your bathroom walls for painting you need to make sure that they are clean, dry and as smooth as possible. Once you have covered all the pipes and fixtures in a suitable material to catch any drops and splashes you are ready to begin. You start at the ceiling and work down, (you may need a coat of primer), and apply at least two coats. The rate at which the paint will dry is dependent on the humidity and temperature of the air, which affects when each coat is applied.

RWS Building and Remodeling has years of experience providing the bathroom remodeling services in New City, NY.