Prepare For Your First Meeting With the Criminal Defense Attorney

There are always situations that occur in life that can quickly spiral out of control. Sometimes these incidents are avoidable and other times they are not. When tempers rage and when actions become violent, there are several things that you should keep in mind. Regardless of the outcome in the situation, you and/or your family could be in need of hiring a criminal defense attorney. Many times the situations that call for a lawyer are easily avoidable. But what happens when you find yourself in a fight for your life or your children’s lives? If you have recently found yourself at odds with the judicial system then you should seriously consider the advantages to having experienced, legal counsel. Additionally, if you have already hired a legal professional then there are a few things that you should put together before you meet with your attorney for the first time. The following list will highlight a few tips for your first meeting and the things that you may need to do before the meeting.

First, before you meet with your criminal defense attorney in Madison WI you should put together a detailed and thorough timeline of the events that have led to your current legal troubles. By taking the time to do this you will be better prepared to answer the questions that your attorney will have for you. This will also help you to recall some of the details of the incident as well as bring clarity to the actions that may have occurred extremely fast.

Another aspect to your first meeting with the criminal defense attorney is your list of alibis. If you have been wrongly or falsely accused of a crime then this will prove to be one of the best things you could do. If your timeline and your alibi are able to prove your story then your legal proceedings will be much easier. Regardless of the charges or the situation, if you are an innocent party in the case then this will help to exonerate you and restore your good name.

A criminal defense attorney is also going to want all of your identification records such as your banking account information, passport, previous legal history, driving records, and your phone records. While this information can be gathered by the attorney it would behoove you, as the defendant, to have this information ready to go before the first meeting ever takes place. Remember, in the United States a person is considered innocent until they are proven guilty. This means that you should take advantage of all the time you have to make your case move much smoother. It is important to set realistic expectations but it is also prudent to do as much work as you can. Visit us at Gregory Wright Law Offices S.C. Like us on Facebook.