Types Of Windows And Materials Used During Windows Installation In New Braunfels TX

There are a few reasons why property owners may choose to install new windows. In most cases, windows installation in New Braunfels TX takes place to increase the aesthetic value of the property. If you are planning to sell your property at a higher resale value, installing new windows improves the overall value of the property. People can also install new windows to replace old or damaged windows in the residence. If you are planning to install new windows, you should learn to differentiate the window types in the market and the materials that the experts use.

Types of window styles available for installation are:

* Horizontal gliders/slider – They open or close horizontally by sliding across a track attached to the window frame. They are characterized by one side opening at a time.

* Double Hung windows – They are the most common windows in most homes. They are characterized by pulleys hidden in the window frame that opens the suspended glass panels.

* Awning Windows – They have a hinge at the top that allows the windows to open outward, but from the top.

* Hopper windows – They are the exact opposite of awning windows. The hinge is placed at the bottom, which allows the windows to open from the bottom outward.

* Casement windows – They operate like a door by opening outwards vertically.

* Bay/bow windows – They are popularly used in property featuring the 1800s architecture. These windows protrude from the outside and often create the illusion of a more spacious room.

* Fixed windows – They do not open to the outside but are usually large enough to provide sufficient light to every room.

Materials used to create windows have been outlined below.

* Wood – It is the oldest material used to create windows. It resists any transfer of heat or cold. It is quite expensive and requires routine maintenance.

* Fiberglass -This material is more durable with greater resistance to heat or cold transfer.

It is important to choose a professional to do all the window installations in your property. A professional will have excellent knowledge on windows and the types that are a fit for your home. Select a reliable company like Shaw Company Remodeling for the best outcome.