Window Treatments 101: What Every Homeowner Should Know

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Windows Treatment

If your home’s bare windows have you stumped, you’re not alone. With so many options, selecting the right window treatments can be confusing. This introductory guide covers the key facts every homeowner should know for choosing treatments that work.

The first step is determining your needs. What rooms need treatments installed? Consider light filtering, insulation, style coordination, and noise reduction. Measure your windows carefully because proper fit is critical for functionality and aesthetics.

Style and Design

Window treatments impact a room’s overall style tremendously. Consider the existing design scheme and architecture when selecting aesthetically cohesive treatments. Design aspects like color, pattern, and texture influence the ambiance. Layered treatments like curtains over blinds provide depth. Remember, windows can remain a focal point when dressed well.


Equally important as appearance is selecting treatments that serve each room’s unique needs. For media rooms, blackout fabrics prevent light infiltration. Bedrooms benefit from room-darkening shades that allow sleep-ins. Insulated treatments in living areas reduce heat transfer for added comfort and efficiency. Adjustable blinds or shades enable modulating incoming light throughout the day.

Quality and Durability

Closely scrutinize samples to evaluate quality. Check that hardware operates smoothly and that fabrics maintain integrity when stretched. Well-constructed treatments featuring thick, vivid fabrics, and sturdy mounting hardware withstand years of use. Investing in quality leads to longevity, while poor quality shows wear quickly.

Professional Installation

To ensure proper installation, consider hiring a professional. Precise measurements, level mounting, and secure hardware hanging require know-how. A pro can also provide design consultation. DIY is possible for simple treatments, but complex window shapes like rounded or bay windows often benefit from expert skills.

Armed with an understanding of your needs, design elements, quality, and installation, you’re ready to confidently choose window treatments that tie your whole room together.

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