Professional Dog Grooming in Odenton for a Healthier Dog

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Keeping a dog groomed regularly is a necessary treatment for canines, and is just as important as regular check-ups at the veterinarian. Groomers are skilled at making dogs look fabulous, but Dog Grooming in Odenton is also necessary to examine the dog for any health concerns, or potential health problems as well. Gambrills Veterinary Center provides quality dog grooming services with an experienced groomer who knows how to handle dogs and work with their temperaments and individual personalities. Dog grooming services are performed in a safe environment, and pet owners do not have to worry about their pets being exposed to other sick animals. All pets are vaccinated before their grooming procedures to ensure the safety of all pets in the facility.

There are many benefits to using a veterinary hospital for Dog Grooming in Odenton. If a dog groomer notices any areas of concern, dogs will receive immediate medical treatment by a qualified veterinarian for their condition. For dogs that need specialized care, groomers at Gambrills Veterinary Center can also offer sedation to keep the dog calm and relaxed during his or her grooming session. Groomers also work with pet owners to advise them of their grooming techniques, and to give them style options for a successful grooming experience for the dog and the owner.

Pet grooming services includes a relaxing hydro bath for a resort-style spa treatment that deeply cleanses and revitalizes their fur. Groomers also apply deep conditioning products for a shinier healthier coat, and they provide de-matting techniques to any areas where the hair needs special attention. Groomers also care for the dog’s ears and clean out any debris and build up, and their teeth are carefully cleaned and checked for any dental issues. Dogs are groomed with hand scissors for a precision cut, and massaged for a complete spa experience.

Gambrills Veterinary Center offers flexible hours for their dog grooming services, and they are open six days a week for their customer’s convenience. Owners can drop their dogs off early in the morning, and they have the option to pick them up late in the evening as well. Dog grooming at Gambrills is a fun experience for dogs, and is a crucial part of a healthy pet care plan. Dogs appreciate the pampering and special attention, and regular maintenance will ensure pets live a longer life. Click here for more information on Gambrills Veterinary Center.