Protect Your Home and Property From Destruction by Eliminating Termites Derby Kansas

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People have to deal with a variety of invasive pests in their home and on their property. One of these problem creatures are known as termites. Most people think of termites as an invasive ant that eats their home, but in reality the termite is actually considered as a member of the cockroach family, technically the infraorder Isoptera of the family Blattodea. These small insects actually have about four thousand varieties although only a few attack our homes and other buildings.

Termites are eusocial insects that divide the labor of their society into castes. They are known to produce overlapping generations and the society takes care of it’s young collectively. The reason Termites in Derby Kansas are such a nuisance is they feed on dead plant matter. In the wild this is a good thing because they help break down the dead plants in forests and other areas. Unfortunately, many of the materials we use in our homes consist of this dead plant matter in the form of wood products.

Termites Derby Kansas can be a particularly difficult pest to eliminate. Because they often build their hives in the wood foundation of your home, an exterminator needs to locate this hive for proper treatment. With major infestations they may actually have to use fumigation or other severe measures, although many pest control experts would prefer to find better alternatives. More modern approaches to termites include both baits and a liquid pesticide that can be sprayed around the infested building. In some cases both methods are used for a more comprehensive approach.

The liquid approach is usually employed in a trench around the building’s foundation or along the piers or piles that support it. This trench will be treated with the pesticide which the termites should pick up when scavenging for water. Along with the trench, pest control experts may also be required to drill the concrete foundation to insert termiticide for better results.

Baits on the other hand are more popular with homeowners. They are considered less invasive and less destructive for the home, however, they may not work in all cases.