When Facing Foreclosure in Hamilton, OH

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Are you faced with possible foreclosure in Hamilton, OH and you want to do everything possible to prevent losing your home? If so, this is certainly a frightening time, and it can be a confusing one as well. You might not be aware that there is a way out, one which can help you keep your home while eliminating the mountain of debt that you find yourself buried under. You may have not yet considered bankruptcy as an option for avoiding foreclosure, but it is definitely a viable option, especially when a skilled bankruptcy attorney in Hamilton is there to help you with the filing.

According to bankruptcy laws in the state of Ohio, persons filing for this type of debt relief are allowed to keep certain properties. These properties are known as exemptions. The primary dwelling of the home owner is considered a bankruptcy exemption, thus it is possible to keep your home while filing bankruptcy in Ohio, even if you are facing foreclosure. Your attorney will need to work with the creditors of property you plan to keep, including the company or bank that holds your home loan, to try to get the payments up to date. If you do not have the money to get the payments up to date on your home, it is often still possible to make arrangements to bring the loan current by placing the past due payments onto the end of the loan, thereby extending the length of the loan.

When you are facing foreclosure in Hamilton, OH, a bankruptcy law attorney like Domain URL should be your first call. The letters, phone calls, and emails that you will receive from the finance company or bank when you are past due on your home loan will certainly make you feel a sense of certain doom. However, it just doesn’t have to be this way. The contacts from the finance company or bank are meant to make you feel that way, and are maybe even meant to bully you into giving up the home without a fight.

You can keep your home, your main vehicle, and other property important to your lifestyle in a bankruptcy. Contact a local attorney for a free consultation about your case and see what you can do to prevent foreclosure of your home today!