Protect Your Priceless Heirloom Table with Dining Table Covers

Do you remember when you were small and would go to your grandmother’s house for a holiday dinner and how beautifully the top to her antique dining table shone in the dining room? Chances are, she’d inherited the table from her grandmother, and it still looked as beautiful as the day it was first made. She had a secret … Dining Table Covers … and the secret became apparent before the meal when she’d have someone bring out the cover and carefully unfold it to cover the table’s top before then shaking out the table cloth and bringing out the holiday china and her just polished sterling silver. What precious memories!

Now you’re a young married woman, and you have a beautiful dining room table of your own. Perhaps you even inherited your grandmother’s! You want to know what you need to do to preserve its beautiful finish, and you remember that table topper that was used at that long ago day to protect the surface of the table. Is it even possible in this day and age to still buy such a thing?

It is! They’re available at Superior Table Pad Co. Inc. Table pads are custom created to fit any shape or size of table. They come in a variety of thicknesses and colors and are both heat resistant as well as waterproof. They range from 3/8″ thick, offering protection from hot items up to 350 degrees to 9/16″ thick with heat protection up to 600 degrees. The table pads fold into quarters for easy storage (and can be left on the table year round, if desired) and come with optional locks that keep the pad from sliding.

If you have inherited a valuable heirloom, with either sentimental value, financial value, or both, or if you’ve invested in a quality table destined to be someone else’s heirloom many years down the line, now’s the time to make the one additional minor investment that will protect your table from scratches, burns, spills and more, for years to come. If you want the shine on your dining room table to awe your grandchildren as much as your grandmother’s did you, then do what she did, and purchase a dining table cover to make certain it stays looking brand new!

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