Protect Your Teeth For Life With Help From a Dentist in Howell

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Dental needs come in all sizes. Childhood concerns include the eruption of teeth during the cutting phase, losing teeth during growing up and the inevitable straightening of teeth that most children need. Other concerns for a Dentist in Howell include the proper care of a patient’s teeth including adequate brushing, flossing and rinsing techniques. It generally takes both the parents and the dental team to ensure children develop proper oral habits that help their teeth survive a lifetime.

Teenage concerns tend to focus around the orthodontic care they receive, but these are also important growth years for their teeth. This is part of the reason why this is the best time to adjust the alignment and position of a youngsters teeth. During this time the Dentist in Howell may also have to deal with a dental emergency when wisdom teeth begin to emerge. Wisdom teeth tend to wait for eruption until later in life and in many cases may come become abscessed and need to be removed.

Wisdom teeth can also be a problem for older people as well since there is no specific time that they will emerge. Which brings to mind other dental emergencies your favorite Dentist in Howell may encounter. These emergencies can come from chipped teeth due to accident or physical abuse, broken teeth from eating the wrong foods or even the common cavity from lack of proper brushing. Some dentists will require you make an appointment to visit the office, but many will allow walk in dental emergencies because they need to be remedied quickly. For instance, many teeth can be restored to a socket if the tooth was properly cared for and the accident was within an hour or two.

When the tooth cannot be restored to the socket the best alternative today is Dental Implants. With dental implants the dentist will place a titanium or other inert material in the jawbone to function as a stud. This stud will hold as crown in place that functions exactly like the original tooth. This prevents the other teeth from shifting positions and restores full function of the mouth. Services like these are provided at most dental offices including the office of Howell Family Dental.