The Various Tasks Of A Court Videographer

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Court videographers in DC are tasked with video recording depositions and courtroom proceedings; not only does it take the skills of a videographer to do this, this individual needs to possess some knowledge of the legal system and the law. Without these skills the resulting video may not meet the standards set. Although it is not necessary to have a license to perform court room videography, many do have formal training and considerable experience.

Over and above taking the video, videographers in DC perform the edits that are required. The edits are subject to strict compliance with legal standards. As an example, the video may be edited to remove camera shake or some other technical issue but it cannot distort or eliminate any testimony recorded. In the case of a deposition, the videographer can insert titles and other visual aids that make it easier to present in court. It is important that the court videographer knows the standards; otherwise the work may not meet the evidentiary rules set by the court.

During the court proceedings the resulting video recording can be a court record or it can be a reference video for use by the attorney. Having access to the video of the day’s courtroom proceedings can make it easier for the attorney to plan out his next day in court. In the event a witness cannot attend the live courtroom proceedings some jurisdictions allow the testimony to be captured on video. In this case the videographers in DC travel to the location of the witness and record the testimony for later presentation in court.

There are a number of companies who offer this service; the same companies may also provide transcription services, closed captioning and other related services. Although the same company may provide these other services, they are all unique and require people with specific skills, the videographer must concentrate on capturing a good video from the proceedings. If the videographer is accompanied by anyone it may be a sound technician who can help with assuring high quality sound capture, this helps tremendously as the attorney does not have to struggle with trying to determine just actually was said. Just as the video can be edited to remove technical inadequacies, sound can also be subject to edit.

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