Protect Your Yard From Water Damage and Reduce Your Utility Bill With Water Main Repair in Arlington, VA

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Plumbing is a concept that has been around for a very long time, although the actual piping and fixtures we use today are fairly new inventions. Supplying a home or business with a constant flow of water requires some pretty strong pipes with very secure fittings to join them together. This pipe can be made from several materials including copper, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or iron depending on the purpose it serves. For instance, iron pipe and PVC are preferred choices for sewer lines because this is a low pressure application which handles damaged piping a little better. Copper is the preferred choice for potable water because of it’s extreme durability although PVC functions well in warmer climates.

To ensure the home has a consistent supply of fresh water there is a main connection to the city or county municipal water main. These primary connections are under a lot of pressure as one of it’s purposes is to step down the water flow from the main lines. This extra pressure can cause pipe to degrade and crack or break over time leaving your home in need of Water Main Repair in Arlington, VA. To keep the water main as safe as possible it is usually buried underground. This technique protects it from damage by vehicles and other accidents that could bump, bend or break it. It also protects the pipe from freezing temperatures during cold weather. This is important in certain areas because water expands when frozen and if frozen inside your pipes it could cause them to crack or split.

Attempting a Water Main Repair in Arlington, VA usually requires digging a trench where the old line should be. It may also require trenching under the driveway, sidewalk or front walkway depending on where the water main is located. In most subdivisions the connection will be by the road or at the edge of your property where you should find a meter and a valve. Everything from the meter head on is your responsibility whenever the plumbing fails. This is very important because a leaking water main could quickly cost you a lot of money when the next utility bill arrives. Of course, repairs aren’t always cheap either. In many cases an experienced contractor like Business Name¬†will suggest you install a new water main instead of digging the old one out of the ground to reduce labor costs.