When Holding A Special Event In Northern Virginia; Who Takes The Photographs?

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What is special to me might well seem mundane to you and something that I consider to be an event; might be everyday commonplace to you. Special events are very much in the eye of the beholder; but, whenever you see an event as being special; one thing is certain – you are going to want to have a record of it so you can look back and revive memories at a later date. If the event is a corporate affair that has been declared special; then it is standard practice to have a record made that can then be used for further publicity purposes.

Movie Or Still?

At one time, the recording of special events was firmly in the hands of writers, sketch artists; or painters of one kind or another. Then, along came the first cameras and we haven’t looked back since. With today’s miniaturized digital equipment; it is possible for anyone, almost anywhere and definitely at any time of day or night to produce both still and moving pictures (video) of any events that they may witness. For the not actually all that special; not really an event recording; this do it yourself approach is more than satisfactory for both personal and corporate purposes. Whether we record in video or as a series of still photographs is largely down to individual preference.

Photographs Are Easier To Show

Video needs some sort of screen if anyone else is going to see your record; on the other hand, photographs can be printed out and published and are then relatively easy to pass around a large number of people. Additionally, photographs can be put on permanent display; either in frames or printed out as posters to give them long term exposure.

Someone Has To Take The Photographs

If we have a key part to play in the event that is to be recorded; then it is usually impractical for us to be both in front of and behind the camera at one and the same time. Also, if we perceive the event to be really special; are we prepared to entrust its recoding to an amateur?

For these considerations alone, we are more likely to hire a professional to be our special event photographer For Northern Virginia. Naturally, we want the record to be the best possible and we can’t go back and shoot it again.

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