Reasons Hiring a Plumbing Company in Fort Worth TX is best for Water Heater Issue

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When the hot water heater in a home stops working, it can affect many aspects of the household’s daily routines. From bathing to washing clothes having hot water is important in ensuring things are not only well cleaned but that they are also hygienic as well. Because of this when the water heater is no longer producing hot water, a homeowner should contact a Plumbing Company in Fort Worth TX for assistance with the issue.

Generally when a hot water heater stops producing hot water it can be due to issues with the heating elements on the unit. Most electrical units have elements inside the tank designed to heat the water. Sometimes if these components are faulty, they will stop heating the water and a repair person will need to see to their replacement. Gas water heaters use a pilot and pilot control valve to heat the water in the tank. These components along with the thermocouples can also become faulty and will need to be replaced before the water will be heated again.

Another issue that can cause the water heater to stop producing hot water is a buildup of sediment inside the tank. When this occurs, the heat from the tank cannot reach the water inside the unit. To correct this issue the technician will first need to check if this is the issue with the unit. This can be done by allowing a little water to drain from the tank into a bucket. If there is sediment present in the water, then there is most likely more inside the unit. In such cases, the unit will need to be flushed to help in ridding the unit of the sediment.

Finally, sometimes a water heater may have reached the end of its lifespan and will need to be replaced. Most professionals from a plumbing company in Fort Worth TX can help a customer in determining if replacement is the best option by knowing how long the unit has been in use. Most units are designed to last around ten years. Once a unit gets to be older than this, it is generally best to replace the unit, as more repair problems will no doubt follow with the old unit. A plumbing professional can generally handle the installation of the new unit quickly and efficiently as well.