Why Chimney Cleaning In Worthington, OH Can Be A Critical Safety Issue

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Firewood is still easily obtainable in much of Ohio and around Worthington in particular; as a result; homeowners often use wood burning furnaces, fireplaces and stoves. Unlike the early days, when logs were simply placed in an open hearth and set on fire; and the smoke was encouraged to rise up a vertical tunnel formed from rocks or stones (i.e. the chimney) in order to escape into the outside air at rooftop level; things are a bit more sophisticated today. In the past, you might have had to clean out some debris that could have fallen in through the top of the chimney and, maybe sweep away sooty deposits from the fire itself; but, on the whole, chimney cleaning in Worthington, OH was pretty basic and people tended to do it themselves as and when required.

The Science Of Burning

For any fire, you need two things; a fuel; plus oxygen to support combustion. Under the effect of the flames, the chemical constituents of the fuel are being oxidized and releasing heat energy in the process. Most fuels contain carbon and hydrogen; carbon oxidizes into either carbon monoxide; or, if completely oxidized; carbon dioxide; while oxidized hydrogen turns into water (in vapor form while near the flames). However, most fuels are a more complex mix of chemical compounds and, since we get the required oxygen from atmospheric air; a large amount of nitrogen and other trace gases will be added. The smoke that we see is due to small particles from the fuel that have not been fully burnt to escape as; largely invisible, gases. What is going up our chimneys is known as the products of combustion. In modern burning devices, the products of combustion are carefully drawn off through a system of metal pipes and ducts -often, these might run up the inside of an older, but now redundant, stone chimney stack.

Products Of Combustion From Wood Burning

While the modern devices do burn the wood far more efficiently than the old open hearths; there is a serious by product that results from their use and this is creosote. Creosote is produced whenever wood is being burnt; although the quantity will vary with both different types of wood and the amount of moisture held in the wood when it is burnt. Creosote is highly flammable and can even be explosive. Open log fires and big chimneys tended to get little creosote deposited within the chimney; but modern fire duct systems can be more susceptible to creosote build up. For this reason alone; you should have an expert conduct chimney cleaning in Worthington, OH on a regular basis. Ideally, you should have an inspection following every winter season and cleaning after burning about one cord of wood.

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