Reasons Parents Should Try to Reach an Amicable Agreement on Child Custody in McLean

One of the best ways divorced parents can resolve their issues of child custody in McLean is by coming up with an amicable agreement on their own and having a lawyer help in processing the legal papers it will require. If parents can put aside their personal issues with each other and reach their own terms for custody and visitation, often it can be much better for the child and the parents as well.


Many times when parents cannot reach an agreement easily, they will immediately decide to let a judge handle the issue. This is not always the best answer. A judge in such a case will not base most of his or her decision on what the parents want or need. In most cases, the judge will make his or her decisions based on the needs of the child. This can often make situations difficult for the parents and they may regret not trying to worker harder at coming to an amicable agreement outside of court. This can be especially true when they realize no one can change the agreement the judge has made unless the matter is taken back to court.

When parents decide to try to come to their own agreement on child custody in McLean they will need to carefully consider matters such as who has legal and/or physical custody of the child. Some parents may share while both others may only share legal custody and one parent has physical custody. Visitation matters will need to be discussed for school days, holidays, vacations and other types of events. Agreements will need to be made on where the drop off and pick up locations of the child will be and how costs for transporting the child to these spots will be handled as well. This is particularly helpful when parents live a good distance apart. The parents will also want to decide how decisions about the child’s schooling, religion, extracurricular activities and other issues will be discussed or determined.

Once the parents have come to an agreement on these issues, then one of the parents will need to meet with their lawyer, such as Goldenberg and Phillips P.C. so legal documents can be created to detail all the agreements the parents have reached. The other parent will then need to sign the agreement before the lawyer can file the paperwork with the court.

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