Services to Expect from Quality Landscaping in Charlotte

The landscape of a property is part of what makes your lawn more aesthetic and enjoyable. Every homeowner has their own idea of what the ideal lawn solutions are for their tastes. One of the most important elements of a beautiful lawn and landscape lies in the trees, bushes, and maintenance of the lawn and greenery. Landscaping in Charlotte encompasses planting, installing, and maintaining shrubs, trees, other bushes. The following will cover the basics of the services to expect from a quality contractor.


The first order of business in any lawn project is a consultation between homeowner and landscaper. This is how the homeowner finds out if they want to use their services and the landscaper finds out what the homeowner expects from them. The consultation often includes determining the type of trees and shrubs you want in your yard and an estimate so you know what it will cost. The initial consultation allows you to ask questions and address your concerns about your property needs.


Once you choose a contractor, you can expect them to send out professional workers to install and plant your chosen trees and shrubs. These professionals have a deep respect for your lawn as well as for the trees and shrubs they plant. They understand the importance of doing the job right and in maintaining your lawn and landscape over the years.


Maintaining trees and shrubs as well as your lawn is an important component in keeping up your beautiful yard. Professional landscape and lawn care should include a maintenance program. Trees and shrubs require pruning at various times of the year so they grow properly and maintain their beauty. Fertilizing, feeding, and insect and disease control are also part of effective maintenance for your property.

These are three of the main elements of landscaping in Charlotte that every homeowner should expect from a professional service provider. Every worker that comes to your home to perform any landscape related service should be dressed in the appropriate uniform if the company has one, or in clothing that is conducive to working in this industry. They should be courteous to you and clean up after themselves when they are installing, planting, and maintaining your shrubbery and trees. Queen City Lawn & Landscaping is dedicated to helping you with your lawn and landscape.