Reasons to Use Competitor Pricing Monitoring

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Most companies understand that the marketplace has evolved and become even more competitive than it was in previous years. This has made it more difficult for companies to thrive and stay running, but there are options available, including competitor pricing monitoring. It is important to monitor the prices of competitors because it shows what others are charging for similar products.

Best Price

Shoppers invariably want the best price available on the items they need. This is nothing new, but it can be difficult to keep up with all the new companies that are popping up. Most consumers will go online to search for deals. They may then buy the product online or go to the store to buy the item for the listed price. Whichever method they prefer, they will tend to go for a lower or comparable price. For instance, if your competitor offers a price of $4.99 and you offer a price of $5.00, those are comparable because there is little difference (one penny). This means that people partial to your brand or name will continue to use you for their product needs.


Most businesses end up losing sales because their customers are going to other stores. You may not even realize this is happening if you don’t monitor pricing. Understand the market and your industry. This is the best way to ensure you are in the know. It can be simple to mark items even 10 or five percent lower and get the sale. This won’t cause your overall revenues to slip much and you will win over customers.


Studying the prices of other business is also important, which is done easily with competitor pricing monitoring programs. This way, you can look at several competitors at once to see what their markets are and what you should be doing. With some programs, you can also see what could be trending in the future, which allows you to get a jump on competitors and lower prices before the trend starts taking effect.

Distinguish Your Brand

Price monitoring is a great way to distinguish yourself from others through your pricing. If your business relies on sales, whether Internet or in person, you need to have a business strategy that is price-based. Knowing what others charge every day and multiple times a day will help you start to see patterns and you can adjust your prices as necessary.

If you are interested in competitor pricing monitoring, then you have a few options available. Go to Price Manager today and learn more about their options.