Treating Thinning Hair in Mesa, AZ

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Beauty Salon and Products

Everyone wants to have a full head of beautiful, shiny, healthy looking hair. Unfortunately, not everyone does. Both men and women experience hair loss, which can be extremely damaging to one’s self-confidence. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to this problem, and not all of them require surgery or using strong chemicals. In fact, some solutions are as simple as changing one’s hairstyle in order to hide the areas where hair may be thinning. One of these solutions that is extremely popular, especially with women, is to have hair extensions put in.

Early types of hair extensions often caused more damage to the hair in the long run. This is because they were taped and glued to the hair. Other types of extensions were sewn into the natural hair, which can also cause damage and end up making the hair even thinner. Now, there are many other types of extensions available to treat Thinning Hair Mesa, AZ that don’t use any glue. For instance, Great Lengths extensions are applied with the use of heat. Another option is to have Snuggies hair extensions. These are extensions that are applied by putting the extensions in a clear tube, then sliding it over strands of natural hair. The tubes are heated so they shrink, so they hold the extensions in tightly to keep them from coming out. These are reusable, and because the tubes are clear they are completely unnoticeable.

One of the safest solutions for treating Thinning Hair Mesa is Micro Point Solutions. No glues are chemicals are used to put these extensions in. This process uses what is known as Cyber Hair, which is durable, soft, and full of body. It is the closest thing to natural human hair, and the process is much faster than other types of hair restoration procedures. How long the total procedure takes will depend on how thin the natural hair is. When it comes to making hair fuller and healthier looking, it is best to discuss the various options with a hair restoration professional. Click here to learn more about the various services offered.

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