Reasons You Might Need a Foot Surgeon in Plainfield

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Podiatrists are foot specialty doctors who deal with all diseases and disorders of the feet. When a general practitioner cannot help a patient with a foot problem, they refer them to a podiatrist. If you experience any kind of serious pain or problems with your feet, a podiatrist will be able to provide you with a proper diagnosis and treatment for the problem. The following foot problems are reasons to seek help from a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Plainfield.

  • Diabetes – Diabetes is known to cause neuropathy, which is damage of the nerves. It happens in the feet first in diabetics and can lead to the loss of toes or the whole foot if bone infections become a problem. Ingrown toenails are also common and often require surgery to eliminate them. Anyone with diabetes should have a podiatrist for routine care and the early detection of foot problems.
  • Tumors – Tumors that develop in the foot are considered neoplastic disorders. The abnormal tumor growth in the foot can be malignant or benign. Either way, it may be recommended to have the tumor removed, especially if it is malignant or if it affects your lifestyle. Surgical removal is the most common method used for tumors.
  • Deformities – Deformities of the foot can be acquired, congenital, or occur due to trauma or injuries to the foot. Hammertoes and bunions are examples of acquired deformities that are often corrected by wearing the proper footwear or insoles. If these deformities become advanced, surgery may be the only way to correct them. Congenital foot deformities like webbed toes, club foot, or shortened toes happen most often at birth. Other disorders may appear later on and can include problems like collapsed arches. These conditions usually require surgery for correction. Other deformities may require joint replacement or the repair or replacement of ligaments or tendons.

These are a few examples of foot problems that need to be addressed by a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Plainfield. These doctors will know when surgery is required and when custom orthotics will help your foot problem. Sometimes your podiatrist may offer holistic treatments, which do not require surgery or drugs. Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all foot problems.