Repair or Replace Your Old Roof Using Roof Contractors in Norman

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Sometimes it seems that owning a home means there are hundreds of tasks waiting to be done. This is especially true when you are trying to keep the outside appearance of the home in the best condition possible. For some homes this is a requirement for meeting the demands of the homeowner or property owner associations. Community POA’s often have strict guidelines such as the colors a home can be painted or the types of roofing that are allowed. They also may have restrictions on how bad the roofing can get before it must be replaced.

Thankfully, you can avoid many of these concerns with help from qualified Roof Contractors. The most obvious help comes from quality patching and repair of your existing roof. In many cases it can be difficult for Roof Contractors in Norman to match the color of a sun faded asphalt roof. The simple solution is to cover the existing roof with new asphalt shingles, but this doesn’t always fix the problem and it adds an additional problem when the roof needs repaired again.

A better alternative provided by Roof Contractors in Norman is modern steel roofing. This material is designed to fit in any neighborhood without standing out. It can resemble the standard asphalt roofing in an assortment of colors or you can select a style that fits your home. For instance, a home created in the Mediterranean style usually uses baked clay tiles. These tiles are typically red, but can come in other colors. While these tiles are very durable they can come loose or break. Steel roofing shaped like clay tiles will avoid these types of problems. Steel can also be made to resemble wood shake, slate roofing and many others.

One benefit to using steel roofing is how easily it can be placed over original roofs. In most cases the roofer will lay a supporting layer of wood over the roof and connect the steel roofing to this. The final product gives the home an excellent look and a little extra insulation from the elements. However, if the original roof is in bad shape then steel roofing is the perfect option for replacement. This material is so durable that most products have a fifty year or longer warranty. Discover your roofing options by visiting an expert like Mallard Construction & Roofing.