Repairs for Roofing in St. Peters MO – What Should Be Included in the Contract

The time will likely come when you find you are in need of a company specializing in Roofing in St. Peters MO. Although there are certain types of roofing materials which are designed to last 100 years or more, the roof still needs to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure there’s no damage or area of concern. When you find a repair is needed, you will be asked to sign a written contract with the roofer. Many understand the basic information which must be on this document, such as the contractor’s name, address, and phone number, but aren’t sure what else should be on this document.

Here is what your contract should detail. Additional information is appreciated also.

  • Building permits – What permits are required? Have the contract outline who is responsible for obtaining any permits. In addition, have the contract clearly state if these permits will be included in the price quoted.

  • The start and completion date of the project – Remember, these will be estimates. Roofers cannot dictate weather conditions. The contract, however, should outline a plan of action for weather delays.

  • Materials to be used – Don’t accept a contract which just states roofing shingles or tar paper. Make sure it includes brands, colors and more.

  • Inspections to be completed ;-Are inspections required? How often will they take place? Make sure the contractor has a plan in place when an inspection must be delayed for unforeseen reasons.

  • Warranties covering the product and labor – You need to know who to call if a problem arises with the materials. In addition, do you pay for labor if the product is defective?

  • Payment terms – Have the contract detail when and how the contractor is to be paid. Always require a lien waiver upon completion of the payment.

  • Liens – In addition to contractors, material suppliers may have the right to place a lien on your home if they aren’t paid. This may be the responsibility of the contractor, but you find you have a lien because he or she didn’t follow through. Protect yourself by putting everything in writing.

  • Right-to-Rescind – This gives you the right to cancel the contract without paying any penalties. This usually must be done within three days and no work may have begun.

Never sign a contact with a company offering Roofing in St. Peters MO without this contract.

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