Romantic Choices for Theme Marriages

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Weddings

Theme weddings can be over the top to the finite detail or simply provide inspiration to set the mood. Here are some romantic choices for theme marriages to inspire or entertain.

Medieval Weddings

Medieval weddings start with scroll Theme Marriage Invitation Cards and end with a toast to the bride and groom with authentic Mead (honey wine). The medieval wedding is inspired by the likes of Robin Hood and Maid Marion and Gwynevere and King Arthur. Stunning dresses, grooms in tights and maids in empire waisted gowns with bell sleeves are just some of the inspirations you can use to create a beautiful medieval wedding. Many brides have mead wine prepared for the occasion, walk down the aisle with a minstrel playing a mandolin or lute and wear a garland of wild flowers in their hair instead of a veil.

Travel Weddings

The travel theme is not the same as a destination wedding. Travel themes encompass all things related to travel. From boarding pass theme marriage invitation cards to globes for centre pieces, the travel theme is ideal for the couple who met abroad or who love to travel. Inspiration can be taken from around the world, or can focus on elements of travel from retro luggage filled with flowers to having guests sign a globe or map of the world instead of a guest book.

Carnival Weddings

This seemed to start with nuances of carnivals from serving carnival treats at midnight to the retro photo booth. However, full blown carnival weddings are popping up all over from renting midway rides and games at the reception to serving popcorn, candy apples and candy floss. Stocks of rolled ride tickets for centre pieces and massive brilliantly colored lolly pops for bouquets are a few more ideas for the carnival wedding.

Winter Christmas or Valentines Weddings

For those who opt for a winter wedding Christmas and Valentine inspirations can work quite well. From white fur stoles and red and white flowers for the bride to white tuxes and evergreen butaneers with red roses for grooms and grooms men, the colors trend towards red and white for both occasions. Christmas touches include fresh sprigs of holly and of course mistletoe above the main table or altar. Add a little whimsy with candy canes or candy hearts, Valentine’s or Christmas theme marriage invitation cards and angels or cupids. To know more click here.



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